“Scott Hansen's ranking at the top of Minnesotans' favorite comedians is as perennial as pumpkins are in October.  A favorite of Jay Leno, he's a master craftsman of comedy, building a seemingly endless line of clever, original jokes!”

                                                                     Colin Covert

                                                 Minneapolis Startribune

“Scott Hansen was clearly the funniest act in the program. He headlines the major clubs across the country and has made repeated forays into the television world. The man is a talent. Highly recommended!”

Deb Hopp

Twin Cities Reader

“Scott performed a gut-splitting set of his own material before a sold-out audience. His crowd interaction is so sharp that many critics have prefaced their raves for him by warning fans not to sit in the first few rows. You could set a new laugh standard with that kind of success! Scott Hansen: a Five Row Comic!”

Martin Keller

The Funny Paper

“The evening was an explosion of comic energy that felt like a step into a wind tunnel. Scott Hansen unveiled some devastating new material about his signature piece about growing up fat. “In high school girls flocked around me all the time,” he declared. “They didn’t like me, they just couldn’t escape my gravitational pull.”

Friday Calendar

Minneapolis StarTribune

“I had seen Scott Hansen in action previous to our interview. I found him to be hilarious, gifted with perfect timing and the glib ability to keep up the audience patter. He asked the crowd lots of funny questions and kept us involved and most important, laughing.”

Deb Johnson

Metro Previe