"I think Scott is very funny," Jay Leno volunteered by phone from Valley Forge, doing the laugh track circuit. And I enjoy working with him. Usually I don't say that about other comedians. I've been trying to get him to audition in New York or L.A. for a while now. Plus, he's funny all the time. He thinks funny, his premises are funny."                                                                                       

Jay Leno

Comedian-Tonight  Show

“Overall, Scott Hansen does more positive things for  comedy than anyone else in the Twin Cities. He is an incredible writer and has one of the quickest comedy  minds ! Scott is a great Minnesota natural resource, a  great comic and a friend.Scott is one of the funniest and most professional comedians working today. But more than that, he’s so funny that you might actually pee your pants. Go see him!!!”

Louie Anderson

Emmy Award Winning Comedian-Actor

“There would not be comedy in  Minnesota without Scott Hansen!  A lot of comedians complain about working with Scott. But those are always the ones that have to  follow him on stage. When Scott is done with an audience the tough job is to follow his performance. I have never had that problem (heh heh) but some comics do.”

Tom Arnold


“I  think that Scott Hansen has done more to develop Minnesota comedy than anyone!”

                              Lizz Winstead

Creator- “The Daily Show

“The reigning king of comedy in town...”

Excerpt From: Lizz Winstead.

“Lizz Free or Die.”